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Martin Osvold




Being able to openly share my feelings and humble humanity within the group.

To witness Didier lead and facilitate this whole week, adjusting its content and pace according to both the group as a whole and each individual within it, as it enfolds, drawing from a deep well of experience and insight, being true to the fool's way all the way through so to say, is as impressive as it is inspiring.

I felt held, invited, mirrored and seen. Thank you.



Anna Mati Bogwald



My main insight regarding the Sacred Clown training this week was of staying in my own space while interacting with another clown. It created a lovely play with contrast, as the other also was staying in his space. When I am connected with myself and lead by the poetry and trust in my clown, it feels very good. Like coming home to myself, feeling the playful, funny, sweet, loving and whole person I am.

The art, which we are practicing here has two sides that comes together: the joy, ease and innocence of a child playing, yet the deep wisdom of a long life of experience. The work embraces the whole being: body, mind, soul and spirit.

Therefore, there are processes of purification during the retreats for the participants. Inner issues are surfacing, to be witnessed, accepted and integrated. The spots, where we hold on to something from the past, which is hindering us from being free and in the moment are seen. Little by little, as we become more free from our conditioning, we become clearer channels of our gifts and talents which we have been given to share with the world. In this way: the inner work is so important for creativity to blossom. The art we are practicing is true. Being true to myself and others. Opening up to trust and give and receive love.

Janey Verney




I  am so enjoying coming back to retreats here, and each one takes me to a new place on my journey on all levels - physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I feel held with great compassion by Didier in the training group, so that I can deeply trust whatever he suggests tome. Even when it challenging I know from experience that he is leading me where I need to go next to allow myself to open to this work.

I feel great gratitude far this, and I also learn a lot from seeing how he works with each one of the group, so nobody gets left behind, however disparate the levels of people experience may be.

The raga signing and use of my voice with my clowning has opened up a direction for healing, an exploration which I am talking home with me. The biggest new tool I am taking away this time is a new experience of staying present in my clowning, which feeds back into my meditation practice.





I would like to express what I lived during these two

days. The first day, Saturday, I felt a lot of happiness

and moments of grace. The dancing in my bubble and in contact with my partner are examples of these

magical moments. Dancing in contact with the body of my partner was not new for me, I felt the fullness of the present moment. I met the body, the heart and

soul of my partner.

The second day, Sunday was a day with its ups and its downs. Great time for me, to exercise with the

posture, to be focused and relaxed, and to support the heart. I opened the group because I was the first. The confrontation was great for me. I realize how much my heart is bruised and I hide.

I liked to see others do this exercise and to see on

their faces the switch when they focussed with their


A great way to finish for me was to meet another

clown and dance different emotions and bid our

farewell. I was in the present moment with everything

in me, tears, joy, tenderness, curiosity...

So these 2 days have meant a lot of things to me. I

realized that to take care of my heart is now essential, this is what I must do now. It’s a great wake-up of consciousness. I had to follow your workshop. It is no coincidence.

Rachel Rogers


Thank you for the beautiful space you created for us

to come into, for me to come into and shed some of

the restrictive censors I impose upon myself. I

celebrate my ability to loosen up and fully engage with the process you guided me through, I'm still quite surprised at myself.

I loved the connections I made with our group, so

simple yet utterly profound. Finding intimacy with

such acceptance and compassion is the gift I take

away from the weekend. I was incredibly moved when

giving birth to my red nose, it was so important for

giving birth to my red nose, it was so important for

me to give that part of myself expression. Upon

reflection it feels like I perhaps had a long labour, but

I also feel so content with it's divine timing. I'm in a

space where I can be more generous to myself and

love that aspect as well as other aspects of myself in a way that is wholesome.

I feel very appreciative of others in the group for what

I received from them in the experience as well as

what they accepted from me.

I would love to come to Casa Saraswati in July or

November - I will be guided by which retreat you feel

would suit me.



Charlotte McLaughlin


Thanks for the weekend - it's really beautiful and

profound work that you are doing. Many thanks, and

I'm looking forward to seeing you again soon




Belinda Sherlock




“Thank you so much for all you gave over the

weekend. It was a life-changing experience for me,

and a real privilege to be in your presence, and to

learn from you.

I had a very healing time throughout - with intimacy,

with the story I tell about myself, with how I feel

about my body, with how I approach other people

(often with fear, but you showed me what it's like to

approach people with true love). Thank you for all of

this, I feel profoundly moved still. I have been dipping

a toe into meditation for a few years, with great

resistance, but feel as if I have found a new way into

mindfulness and meditation that excites me.

I would love to join you for the course in July! I am

keen to have some space to start out in my

meditation practice, and excited by the idea of

clowning in and with nature.

Many thanks, and I look forward to continuing my

sacred clowning journey.”



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"Teatro del corazón"

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