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Open Workshop - Awakening the Fool at Heart

The best way to learn about Sacred Clowning is to start with a weekend open

workshop. This courses will give you a taste of the Fool At Heart consciousness and allow you to explore mime-clowning, dance and singing as expressions of your true nature. Open workshops are suitable for complete beginners or as a refresher course, for all levels of experience. Each workshop is a new exploration inspired by the moment and the group.

Creative Wisdom Foundation (5 day Training)

An experiential five-day workshop where you will be guided through a journey of Self-discovery, exploring the different aspects of the Fool at Heart including the red nose and the clown. This course has been created to respond to a specific group of people who is inspired by the Fool at Heart approach, but does not necessarilly wish to train or perform as a professional clown.  It is an in-depht study & practice of this approach designed by Didier Danthois which aims at bringing creative wisdom into daily life, the arts, education, therapy and businesses. 




To participate in any of the three residential courses one must have first attended a 2 day  Open Workshop with Didier, whatever your background and experience. 

This prerequisite allows participants to immerse themselves fully in the residential course having already experienced and felt the nature of this work in their body and heart.


Individual Retreats or a One year Training 

Complete in themselves, the three following courses constitute a good basic one year training, and is essential for further professional training. Each week residential can also be attended solo and independantly. This is an in depth study of the Mime-Clown, the Dancing-Clown and the Musical-Clown.


Location: These courses are held at Casa Saraswati, our retreat centre in Tenerife In the Canary Islands, Spain


Seven Day Training in Sacred Clowning (February)

This residential course will focus on establishing the ground for sacred clowning. It will be an opportunity to sharpen your existing skills in mime-clowning, dance-movement and singing, with special emphasis on developing aspects which you find difficult or that you haven't yet integrated. Didier will give specific directions and guidance to each one of you to support the emergence of your unique Sacred Clown.


Midsummer Clowning (July)

In this 8-day residential course, the Sacred Clown will lead us into a contemplation with "Mother Nature". Letting ourselves be inspired by the simplicity and harmony she offers us, we will learn to compose with her and with each other. Special sceneries will be created in the environment of Casa Saraswati for improvisation. You will have the opportunity to create a piece of mime-clowning under Didier's guidance. There will be an exploration of make-up and costume.


Sacred Clowning Retreat (November)

In this 8-day retreat we will focus on strengthening the spiritual ground and on developing the artistic skills of the Sacred Clown. As we slowly awaken to the miracle of mindfulness, our creative imagination takes on a new dimension; dance-movement, mime-clowning and singing improvisation will begin to embody a deeper reality, revealing the subtle communication of our "True Nature". Our essence that is free, unique, loving and at peace. At this point, trusting the unknown will no longer feel overwhelming, but exciting and inspiring. 


Each Residential includes: Dance, mime, silence, voice, jabbertalk, play, meditation, expressive movement, breath, centering, clowning, compassion, sharings, singing, stillness, presence and creative interdependence, the clown's nose, improvisation as a group and individually.


For further information and bookings: see our programme for the dates & for booking, email us at:


The pace and content of the courses will shape themselves around the needs of the participants.


Our aim is that: for all courses and events we bring forth a

poetic imagination of life, as well as inviting presence, humour, authenticity and play into the theater, the home, the streets, the parks and the institutions.






           We are still searching for a new venue as the London Buddhist Arts Centre our     former venue has closed down.

Any suggestions of venues welcome.
London Venue for Open Workshop & Creative Wisdom Foundation 2020
            Lumi Power Yoga,
            121 King Street,
            W6 9JG

Tenerife Residential retreats

Casa Saraswati

Ctra. Gral. Las Canadas 273

38310 La Orotava

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Canary Island



Casa Saraswati is the newly opened *Fool at Heart* International Retreat Centre. A blessed land for Healing and The Arts, spaciously spread on seven terraces, 800 metres above the sea. Here the boundless love of the Great Mother overflows as you breathe, as you leisure among fruit trees, flowers and groves. And so, you merge with the vast expanse of sea and sky, here below, and become as still as Pico El Teide our Southern guardian.




UK Creative Wisdom Foundation

2 day option

Day One: 10:00 - 18:30

Day Two: 10:00 - 19:00ish


5 day option

Day Three: 10:00 - 18:30

Day Four: 10:00 - 18:30

Day Five: 10:00 - 18:30








Registration form and payment links will be sent to you by email following your enquiry.





Our work is known as

"Teatro del corazón"

in Spain, see our website in English and Spanish


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