Casa Saraswati

Casa Saraswati is the *Fool At Heart* and *Teatro del Corazon* International Retreat Centre. A blessed land for Healing and the Arts, spaciously spread on seven terraces, 800 metres above the sea. Here the boundless love of the Great Mother overflows as you breathe, as you leisure among fruit trees, flowers and groves. And so, you merge with the vast expanse of sea and sky, here below, and become as still as El Teide, our Southern guardian.

An oasis of peace, it is situated in the luscious rural area of the North West, away from all the touristic developments of Tenerife. It has a wonderful subtropical climate the whole year round which allows the growth of exotic fruits and flowers, avocado trees, etc. The climate here has proved to be beneficial for various health conditions.


Link to full photo album: Casa Saraswati. (Temporarily unavailable)

Casa Saraswati, Ctra. Gral Las Cañadas 273,

 38310 La Orotava, Tenerife.

Canary Islands, Spain.

May all healing, artistic activities & merits of the Casa Saraswati

bless Carola for a sacred, pure & Joyful rebirth.


May all sentient beings enjoy happiness

and the causes of happiness.

Be free from suffering and the causes of suffering.

May they never be separated from the great happiness

devoid of suffering

And may dwell in the great equanimity

that is free from attachment and aversion.


Welcome Home

With Love Didier

Our work is known as

"Teatro del corazón"

in Spain, see our website in English and Spanish


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