Sacred Clowning Retreat

The Field of Possibilities

“Pure Expression & Humour”

Tenerife 11-18 November 2017


NOTE that this retreat is only open to those who have attended a minimum of an Open Workshop with Didier Danthois.

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about.” - Rumi

This year the theme of the retreat is “The Field of Possibilities”. As winter draws in, the summer sun draws out. Mother nature takes us within that we may find fresh inspirations for the year to come. In today's fast and aggressive world, it is not so easy to know where and how to find fulfillment, peace or to simply touch the Wonder of Being. There are so many distractions on the way to “coming home” to our inner space. Rumi reminds us so beautifully in his poem how to create this inner space full of possibilities. “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a

field. I’ll meet you there.”

During this Retreat we will engage together in creating this field of possibilities, an open environment for being in the Here and the Now. We will explore the different elements, causes and conditions that allow this magical space to manifest. This is the secret tool of the Sacred Clown. [...]


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"After more than twenty years of working with Performing Arts and Mindfulness, I have realised that the Sacred Clown is the perfect "spiritual friend" to lead us to awaken and integrate in our lives qualities like "Being", "Pure creative presence" and "True sensory awareness". This special friend simply takes us by the hand into the "now" and gives us an open space full of possibilities, away from our old habits and concepts. The performing arts combined with mindfulness and compassion give us the tools for transformation as well as a creative exploratory ground for practice. For me it feels like daring to aspire for the ultimate joy of this life, allowing us to gradually incarnate our divine nature little by little." Didier Danthois   


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Here below you have a description of a typical open workshop "Awakening the Fool at Heart". Click on it to see it bigger.

Our coming Retreat at Casa Saraswati

7 Day Residential Training in Sacred Clowning 

Tenerife 15-21 February 2018

Canary Islands


"The February 7 Day Training comes with the first signs of spring bursting through the luscious grounds of Casa Saraswati. Just like nature, we will enter the creative mystery, of “Being” and slowly unravel the unique Soul Poetry hidden in our true nature. This kind of exploration naturally takes us to a quality of authenticity and purity beyond words, to an art that reminds us that life is rich and abundant, that human beings and the stars may be linked by invisible bridges."         


Didier will be giving supporting guidance to each individual following their needs. We will slowly uncover the range of expressions of your clown, and gradually reveal the innocence, wonder and natural humour inherent in Sacred Clown Theatre.


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  • Note: There is an early bird discount if the deposit is paid in by January 10th.
  • Requirement: It is necessary to have attended at least one weekend open workshop with Didier to apply for this course.

Our work is known as

"Teatro del corazón"

in Spain, see our website in English and Spanish


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