The SACRED CLOWN                    

The Art of Playful Spirituality                     

Cultivating Joy, Wisdom and Healing                            

In Simplicity and Presence the Fool takes us directly to the heart. With Playful Wisdom, he she guides us through the noisy clutter of too much thinking to the child of eternity, secretly hiding at the core of our being.  In trust and innocence the Fool recalls the music of the soul, and so echoes a song of timeless Joy of a Lover for his Beloved.

We will nurture the “Fool at Heart” consciousness, lying dormant in each of us as an expression of our True Nature, which is free, loving, creative and at peace.
This approach combines the Sacred Clown and Indian Raga Singing. 

The Fool will walk us to the edge, beckoning us to play with the world and to discover a treasure in a grain of sand. The Fool liberates us from the shadows of old habits and fear of the unknown, helping us to embody the Sacred Clown as a way to awaken to the Wisdom of Innocence.           

Indian Raga singing is a practice of cultivating the heart through sound. It is an enchanting exploration of the colours and textures of emotions. Raga singing unites, transforms, expands our perception of reality and soothes our heart with timeless Joy. This is a healing  gateway to the Soul Song of the fool, when it has been found, it cannot be lost.


In the vast expanse of inner listening
The sacred clown comes home.
Open, vulnerable,
with no great ambitions or fears,
with no questions
and specially no answers to give
A timeless presence filling the air
touches all
with that little spark of wonder,
for what is about to be born. 

DD Feb.2001

*Fool at Heart* aim at  bringing forth a poetic imagination of life, as well as inviting authenticity, humour, and play into the theatre, the home, the streets, parks and institutions.


With endless gratitude to the Dharma & the Khyentse lineage of Dzogchen


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"Teatro del corazón"

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